• Review and evaluate the entire docket within ninety days of taking the bench.
  • Schedule mandatory pre-rial conferences to insure the efficient flow of the cases and to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Require Juvenile Offenders to obtain a GED or stay in school as a condition of probation.
  • Incorporate Community Service into sentencing whenever possible in order to provide the Juvenile Offender the opportunity to develop a skill.
  • Remain visible, and available to the Community for education to the Public in Juvenile Court.
  • Work and communicate with New Orleans Police Department, the District Attorney Office and other Law Enforcement, other agencies to develop a more cohesive criminal justice system.


  • We must take steps to keep and prevent our children from coming into the system. Both for the children and society it is better to prevent the harm from happening than repair the damage, which may occur when, placed into the system.
  • Advocate for funding that focus on establishing programs for early intervention and prevention of juvenile crime.
  • Utilization of a Pro-Active Approach aimed at infusing accountability with stronger sanctions, and the development of more innovative judicial responses to non-violent juvenile offenders.
  • Invest in youth in their communities by reducing youth incarceration is the first step in the right direction, but we also need to invest in communities so we can begin addressing the underlying issues in young people’s lives of all parties, so that everyone who enters the court does so with the confidence justice will be served and that they received their “Day on Court.” I have the right temperment to serve Orleans Parish as your next Judge in Juvenile Court.  I will balance fairness with firmness that serves us all.


  • I understand the need to protect our children and communities. I will ensure that all judicial process are followed and that decisions are fair, and unbiased; all decisions balance the best interest of the juvenile with the best interest of the victim, and the community, and that the constitutional rights of all parties are upheld. Also I will serve as a voice to influence local policy decisions, educate the public on the juvenile justice issues, and initiate collaborative efforts with other service agencies, private businesses, and community organizations.
  • Education, trades, therapy if needed from past experiences to be able to function in society as an adult, mental health assessments to properly treat the issues to cope in society.
  • Ensure the proper management of a youth going through the juvenile justice system can make all the difference in the final outcome. Creating a better outcome protects the youth and our society in both short and long-term time frames.


  • I will aid in restoring respect, dignity, professionalism, and honor to the bench not politics. Our Courts should be run more effectively and efficiently, because the citizens of New Orleans deserve Higher Standards of Commitment and Dedication.


  • I have the practical background in the law, knowledge of the proper application and interpretation of the law, knows how a courtroom, and judicial system should work. I have firsthand knowledge of the law and experience too handle cases expeditiously, and with the understanding, and compassion. The citizens of Orleans Parish can rest assured that because of my wealth of experience Juvenile, Criminal, Civil and Appellate Courts, I would be able to handle the cases efficiently and make the right decision.


  • Judicial temperment is not a luxury in our Courts, it’s a necessity. As a Judge, you must handle cases that come before you both fair and effectively. A Judge must protect the rights of all parties, so that everyone who enters the Court does so with confidence that justice will be served and that they received their “Day is Court.” I have the right temperment to serve Orleans Parish as your next Judge in Juvenile Court. i will balance fairness, a balance that serves us all and will serve Justice.