Meet Marie

Keeping our children and families safe is Marie’s top priority. Marie’s real life experiences, volunteering in the community with children, as a Teen Court Judge, judicial and legal training, professionalism, legal experience, and temperment has prepared her to be the next Judge of Orleans Parish Juvenile Court Section A. Marie as judge, will continue to uphold the law, enforce the rights of crime victims, and hold those that break the law accountable with wisdom, and compassion.

Marie has also been a co-grant writer while the Staff Attorney at the Pro Bono Project to obtain grant money to hire attorneys to represent children or for community resources to represent abused and neglected children. Marie also has training as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) Guardian as Litem for Children to have the best interest of the child to improve the child’s well-being and help them reach a permanent home. Marie volunteered as a Teen Court Judge where youth have the opportunity to actively participate in a peer-to-peer decision-making process for youth who violate the law. The teens also gain hands-on knowledge of the juvenile justice systems.

Attorney Marie Williams was born and raised in native New Orleans, LA.  She is the mother of two beautiful children and has practice law for 23 years and for 30 years a community activist. Marie attended four public schools, Lawrence D. Crocker Elementary, Henry W. Allen Elementary, Sophie B. Wright Middle School and McDonogh 35 Senior High School. While in High School, she attend Dillard University, but graduated from Xavier University of Louisiana and Loyola School of Law in 1996. 

Marie’s legal career began in the Criminal field with the Loyola Post Conviction Defenders Organization of death penalty appeals for the wrongfully convicted. Marie drafted and assisted in briefs to be submitted to the United States Supreme Court. The case was overturned. Marie has handled many cases in various courts conducting many trials. Marie also practiced in the area of complex litigation.  She worked on consumer rights and mass trot litigation cases. Thereafter, she turned her eye toward public service, as a legal aid attorney doing public service work for low-income persons, disabled persons, and homeless individuals, fair housing, civil rights and Service Employees International Union Local 100. Marie was the staff attorney for various non-profit agencies that handles civil rights, fair housing litigation and various legal issues in federal court. 

Marie has served on many boards as a current and former board member of the League of Women Voters, AIDS Law and other organizations. From 2005-2010, she served as a Louisiana Disciplinary Hearing Committee Board member. Marie is a former Administrative Law Judge and attended the National Judicial college, a legal aid attorney and Honorable official elected twice to serve on of the Orleans Parish Democratic Executive Committee. Marie Williams worked in private practice and was a partner in a law firm handling both civil and criminal matters.  

Additionally, Marie has been honored with numerous awards which include: The City Business Leadership In Law in 2010 (along with Former Attorney General Jim Letten, other federal judges and attorneys) for her legal professionalism and community service, the United States Department of Veteran Affairs as the Keynote speaker for the 2018 National Women’s Month, Department of Veteran Affairs Certificate of Appreciation for outstanding contributions to the Southeast Louisiana Veterans health care system; McDonogh35 Senior High School Career Day and Speaker for Various Programs; Orleans Parish Public Schools Speaker and Volunteer; Xavier University academic mentor and frequent speaker for Phi Alpha Delta; Teen Court Volunteer; The Pro Bono Project Staff Attorney and recognized from 2005-2010 as a Louisiana Disciplinary Hearing and Committee Board Member. Marie has been and is active in the community, a current member and former board member of the League of Women Voters, AIDS Law and other organizations. She has coordinated Battered and Homeless Women and Men legal and Succession clinics where free legal advice was given and some cases handled. Also, Marie is a published legal author in Successions. She has been a public speaker at many college, high school and elementary school events. She was also a UNO professor at the paralegal school where she taught successions preparing paralegals for their exams.

With the guiding principles of education, strong work ethics and dedication these are the three principles that are the building block that represents the cornerstone of Marie’s career and have been the foundation for her success as a Christian, Attorney and Public Servant. The essence of Marie’s public service and has led her to a career law and later inspired her to fulfill her aspiration to be elected to the bench. Marie believes that justice requires fairness and justice that can only be served without prejudice to nationality, religion, economic status, or sexual orientation. Theses basic principles molded her commitment to always see that justice is afforded to ALL.